Landlord Solutions

Managing multiple tenants and administrative responsibilities can prove difficult and time consuming. If you are a Landlord or Managing Agent for multi-tenant properties, then Gold Coast Bank has a solution for you! We offer Landlord Tenant Security Deposit Accounts to assist you in managing and streamlining the process! You control access to your account and authorize all withdrawals, so your tenant’s security deposits remain secure! 


Landlord Tenant Security Deposit Accounts

  • Tenant security deposits are held in trust / escrow.
  • Landlord or Managing Agent exclusively controls all accounts and withdrawals. They are not accessible by the tenant.
  • Make deposits, withdrawals and transfers from your account or the tenant’s sub-accounts.
  • Customized, detailed, monthly reports are provided to the Landlord or Managing Agent.
  • Year-End IRS 1099 tax forms are provided to the tenant and Landlord or Managing Agent.
  • No monthly maintenance fee.

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