Municipal and Government Banking

Gold Coast Bank offers tailored financial services to municipal and government entities throughout Long Island and the metropolitan areas of New York City. Current clients include county and government municipalities, special purpose districts, housing authorities, public school systems, public libraries and state universities among others. With a number of products to increase efficiency and productivity, including investment solutions, treasury management, deposit services, cash management and merchant services, we have the specific resources and expert knowledge you’re looking for!


Investment Solutions

  • Securities Collateral - Investment funds collateralized with securities held by custodian.
    Insured Cash Sweep – With membership, the Promontory Interfinancial Network allows customers access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance and a return on funds placed into demand deposit accounts, money market deposit accounts, or both.
  • FHLB MULOC – Federal Home Loan Bank of New York Municipal Letter of Credit is an alternate way to collateralize municipal deposits. Cost effective, convenient, secure and efficient.

Treasury Management

  • Remote Deposit Capture - Make deposits anytime, electronically, 24/7 with a table-top scanner at your location and your convenience. Our web-based software automatically processes scanned check totals to your account. Deposits up until 5 p.m. are reflected the same day.
  • Check Imaging – Streamline transaction processing and record keeping with check imaging.

Deposit Services

  • Analyzed Checking - Offers a summary of account activity over a period of time, including measurement of data and costs.
  • Municipal NOW Accounts - Collateralization of balances in interest bearing account, no funds sweep to another account or investing in multiple banks.
  • Municipal Money Market Accounts - This is an interest bearing savings account.
  • CDs – Certificates of Deposit - Savings certificate with fixed maturity date, specified fixed interest rate, issued in any denomination aside from minimum investment requirements. Restricted access to funds until the maturity date of the investment.

Merchant Services

  • Merchant Services – Merchant Services allows for efficient, secure and convenient processing of credit and debit card payments. In managing your money better using credit/debit card and online payments you have the opportunity to streamline transaction handling, avoid check fraud and increase your sales by adding convenient payment options for your customers. Gold Coast Bank employs a world class third party vendor that offers secure processing, consolidated statements, real time reporting and next day funding
  • eMerchantView Reporting – Track your accounts online, including monetary, adjustment, chargeback and retrieval histories. 

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